It is no exaggeration to say that Porto de Galinhas is one of the most paradisiacal places in Brazil. When you come across crystal clear sea, stunning beaches, natural pools to lose sight of and so many beauties, you simply will not want to return home. To make everything even more perfect, the destination combines a tasty gastronomy with plenty of seafood, a lively village, well-organized walks, lodging options for all budgets and summer weather all year round.

Once a quiet fishing village, Porto de Galinhas began to gain national and international popularity about 30 years ago. Its breathtaking natural landscapes enchant all those who decide to visit this little piece of the Northeast. The village is located in the city of Ipojuca, south coast of Pernambuco, only 50 minutes drive from Recife.

Though it had become so famous in such a short time, fate was able to maintain its essence. The ventures are very authentic and full of personality. From the walks to the village shops, almost everything is touched by the residents themselves, who strive to keep it in top condition for tourists.

Porto de Galinhas goes beyond the beaches and attracts attention for being a very safe, clean and organized place. From end to end, it comprises 18 km of white sand beaches. The Vila de Porto de Galinhas Beach, which is the natural swimming pool, is undoubtedly the most famous. No place in the country has a similar setting so close to the waterfront.

The sea varies between shades of turquoise and greenish and gets even more colorful with the sails of dozens of rafts. The always warm water, around 26 ° C, circulates among the coral reefs that extend for more than 1km, forming numerous pools of all sizes.

The high season runs from December to March. However, with sun and heat the whole year, you can visit the destination at any time.

  Text extracted from Qual Viagem Magazine

Per Patrícia Chemin

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