Check in time is at 2:00 p.m. and check out time is 12 p.m. (outside these times, only with prior availability and extra fee). We work with VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DINERS, ELO and HIPER credit cards. We do not accept checks. The cleaning of the apt is daily from 8am to 4pm, however, bed linen is changed every three days and towels every two days. It is not allowed to use the towels of the apartment at the pool / beach, we can provide specific towels at the reception with additional cost. Guests' towels and linen should be extended inside the apartments, not being allowed to extend on the front windows, handrails or corridors. We do not allow visits inside the apartments and we do not accept pets (ANVISA standard). Small children must be accompanied by the responsible person throughout their stay, especially in the pool area. For the well-being of all, we request silence between 10 pm and 7:15 am. Our Restaurant and Bar operates from 11am to 9:30 pm daily, with affordable prices, so it is not allowed to consume drinks and food in the common areas that are not purchased in our facilities, if they wish to bring and consume in common areas, they must pay a fee of corking. We do not authorize services or repairs by guests in our facilities or equipment. We request the utmost care with the appliances and the objects belonging to the Pousada, any problems of operation should be immediately informed the reception. All suggestions and / or complaints will be well received if forwarded through our opinion available at the Reception or if it is forwarded through the email: reserva@vivendadosarrecifes. In the case of Corais, change to reserva@vivendadoscorais.com.br When leaving the guest should leave the door locked, it is recommended to use the safe. Our voltage is 220 V, being the responsibility of the guest to burn personal equipment. It will not be possible to fully or partially refund the advance of the amount of the stay that was made to confirm the reservation. Any item damaged by the guest or companion will be debited on your invoice. IT IS PROHIBITED TO SMOKE in the apartments, restaurant, reception and common areas.


Breakfast is served in the restaurant and exclusively from 7:15 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., we ask for the use of a shirt or T-shirt on the premises of the restaurant. For safety and hygiene reasons, glasses and food are not allowed on the edge and around the pool. Only bathing in clothing appropriate for this purpose, shirts or cloth shorts, shall not be used to discolor or damage pool water. Please do not use suntan lotions, ointments, creams or similar in the swimming pool. The pool, game room are for the exclusive use of guests and run from 9am to 9pm. The WiFi works 24 hours and is a courtesy, but, has coverage area limitations.


GENERAL * We will only accept written cancellations (e-mail). 1.0 Topics: 1.1 The reservation will only be considered effective, upon proof of payment of 50% of the total value of the request made. 1.2 The period from April, May, June, August, September, October, November to December 15 is considered low and medium season. 1.3 It is considered High season the period from 15 / Dec to 01 / Mar, July, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Carnival, Easter, Worker, Corpus Christi, Tiradentes, Independence, Children's Day, Masses and Proclamation of the Republic, ). 1.4 We consider relocation of reservations, the impossibility of the guest to appear on the date marked for the check in, with the request in writing formalizing its impossibility (e-mail to the reservation center), leaving open its rebooking or already requesting a new date for your reservation. 1.5 We consider canceling the reservation, the written manifesto (email to the reservation center) of the guest requesting the cancellation of your reservation. 1.6 Only the guest responsible for the reservation is able to request any change or cancellation of his reservation and always in writing. 1.7 In cases of relocation are defined already, that only once (one) request will be accepted and the same will be accepted, it will have a maximum validity of 4 (four) months and the non-attendance to remarking, characterizes total abandonment of the values payments. The requested period must have the same or lower of the daily rates previously contracted, otherwise, the difference must be paid in advance and in any case, it must be subject to the availability of vacancies. 2.0 General rules; 2.1 For reservations made to the Low and Medium season, we have: Cancellation up to 7 (seven) days before the scheduled arrival (check in), return of 70% of the amount paid or total relocation of the reservation. Cancellation up to two (2) days prior to scheduled arrival (check in), return of 40% of the amount paid or total re-booking of the reservation. Cancellation until 12:00 h of the day of check in, return of 20% of the amount paid without re-ordering. If the guest does not appear or cancel until the day of entry, we will wait until noon on the day after the date of entry and if the guest still does not attend, we will consider the reservation canceled without prior notice and without refunds of values. 2.2 For reservations made for High season, holidays and packages, we have: Cancellation up to 15 (fifteen) days before the scheduled arrival (check in), return of 70% of the amount paid or re-booking of the reservation in the same amount of reserved nights, values. Cancellation up to 7 (seven) days before scheduled arrival (check in), return of 30% of the amount paid or relocation of the reservation in the same amount of reserved daily, regardless of values. Cancellation after 7 (seven) days before check-in, we will consider loss of the reservation without refund of values ​​and non-attendance on the day of the reservation without cancellation, we will wait until the midday of the day after the date of entry and if still even if the guest does not attend, we will consider the reservation canceled without prior notice and without return of values.

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Reservation central: Seg a sexta das 8:00h as 18:00h e Sábados de 8:00 as 12:00h
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